Re-purposing Plastic, Re-building Lives

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Jan 29, 2020
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Re-purposing Plastic, Re-building Lives

In a first-of-its kind community initiative and a solution that has gone a long way to solving a number of long-standing problems, local businesses and schools in Grahamstown have cleared over three tonnes of plastic from the Grahamstown rubbish dump to make over 5000 Eco Bricks. These bricks have been ingeniously utilised to build a home for a local family in need.

The plastic waste was crammed into used plastic bottles by many of Grahamstown’s school children to achieve the correct weight and firmness to make them usable for construction. The Prep boys filled over 400 bottles for this project.

Other bricks that were made in poorer communities were paid for in order to monetize the bricks as a commodity and benefit community members.

As the initiative gathers momentum, the intention is to build more houses. It is a costly business, however, even with many of the bricks being provided by schools. Optometrist Trevor Davies has outlined essentials needed:

  • Slab and foundations R15 000
  • Roof  R15 000
  • Cement sand stone etc R10 000
  • Labour R20 000
  • Water tank, gutters windows etc R6 000

The appeal is out for assistance from members of the Grahamstown community to add their shoulder to the wheel of this project, and, in so doing, feed the poor, provide housing and clean up our town.

It’s fantastic for the children and members of our community to see that we can make a difference in the lives of others and, ultimately – if we each do our part – in the world.