Safety on the Sports Field

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Jul 23, 2020
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Aug 5, 2020
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Safety on the Sports Field

St Andrew’s Prep has led the way for many schools across the country in keeping children healthy and getting them safely back on the campus sports facilities. While many schools do not offer sport at all during this Covid-19 pandemic, Prep has followed stringent guidelines and enforced every safety precaution in order to allow our children to play football, basketball and tennis. They cycle, they hike, they run and skip and play golf. Hockey skills have been honed and athletics will begin in our Third Term.

After each use, every piece of equipment and each court used is disinfected. The children regularly sanitise their hands and have breathers without masks while keeping a safe distance apart.

Basketball and tennis matches have flowed rapidly and safely on the courts and the children are so happy to be back together, engaging in healthy, active competition once again.