Prep’s Top Achievers

Safety on the Sports Field
Jul 29, 2020
Grade 7 Golfer Competes in Adult Championships
Aug 5, 2020
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Prep’s Top Achievers

In spite of the unique challenges faced this entire year, our Preppies continue to show themselves able to step up. We are so very proud of all our boys for showing diligence, tenacity and commitment during this very unusual term. But we make particular mention of the many boys below, who achieved outstanding results.

Grade 4 Academic Merit Awards (80-89%)
Keanin Cordell
Matt Currie
Scott Emslie
Oliver Kruuse
James Vroom

Grade 4 Top Achiever
Oliver Kruuse

Grade 5 Academic Merits
Michael Pretorus
Jacques Prudhon
Nicholas Ras
Matthew Todd
Seth van der Merwe
Gregory White

Grade 5 Academic Honours (90% and above) and Top Achiever
Oscar da Motta

Grade 6 Academic Merits
Grant Antrobus
Zian Dreyer
Steffan Eksteen
Sikho Fumbata
Jaryd Mattison
Nicholas Smailes

Grade 6 Top Achiever
Zian Dreyer

Grade 7 Academic Merits
Jean de Villiers
Matthew Ladds
Aidan Flanagan
Daniel Fowlds
Daniel Meihuizen
John Davies
Jude Long
Nicholas Korten

Grade 7 Academic Honours and Top Achiever
Ross Phillips