Part of the Prep Team – The Wonderful Wyngaards!

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Jul 14, 2021
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Part of the Prep Team – The Wonderful Wyngaards!

Q: Where were you born and where did you grow up, Rich and Christine?
R: My early years were spent in the Eastern Cape and in the Transkei, but I moved to Yeoville in Johannesburg in 1989 and Christine was born and raised in Norwood, Johannesburg.

Q: Give us a bit of info about your school and work histories: C: I went to Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg. After school I did a gap year in KZN with Scripture Union Independent schools. I then started teaching and taught while we live in East London and in Hilton before the boys were born. After the boys were born I worked part-time for an NGO, and during this time I also completed an Advanced Diploma in Remedial Education.
R: I matriculated from Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg and after school I worked in the sound engineering industry for a while. I then went on to work
as a youth pastor for St Catherine’s (Jhb) and St Martins (Jhb) in the early 2000’s. After we were married we moved to St. Albans in East London where I was
ordained. We moved to Hilton College at the end of 2010. During this time I travelled to and from Grahamstown for my Master’s Degree, which I completed in 2012. We’ve been here at St Andrew’s for 11 months.
Q: Tell us about your family: We have triplet sons, Joshua, Jesse and Jamie. They turn 7 in August this year. Jesse and Jamie are identical twins and Joshua is fraternal. Initially we were told we were having twins, so it came as an enormous surprise to discover there was another baby on the way! We also have a Daschund (Stretch), a Ridgeback (Ozzy) and a very talkative grey cat (Smokey).
Q: What are your personal interests and hobbies? C: I love to read and I go through a bunch of books every holiday. I really enjoy running and the gym, I have joined Cross Fit since moving to Grahamstown/Makhanda. I also love art and enjoy painting and scrapbooking. At the moment an awesome weekend includes building LEGO with the boys, walking the dogs, going for a run, doing a puzzle or curling up on the bed with a great book!
R: I play the guitar every day, and this has been a passion of mine for almost 30 years. I am also a competitive cyclist who enjoys extreme endurance challenges. I
spent a few years racing seriously, but ‘retired’ in 2020. I still try to get onto Zwift or get out to ride most days, but this is a lot easier in summer when I can get going at 04h30.
Q: What inspires you? C: I am inspired by people who give, who are generous with their time, money and hearts! I am inspired by people who overcome great obstacles, who persevere, are determined and never give up. Jesus really inspires me as he is so full of Grace.
R: I love to read and I go through reading binges, everything from history, to anthropology, apologetics and business. I’m inspired by people who see the world
differently and who go against the status quo. So Jesus is a huge inspiration to me for that reason. I love those who are willing to find new ways of doing things and who think outside the box.
Q: What do you appreciate about being part of Prep?
Prep is an incredible family and we love all the friendships and laughter. The highlight of my week is always coming across to Prep for Chapel or a meeting and having one of our preppies coming running to give me a hug or shout ‘Hey Rev Rich!’… Our kids really make you feel at home and that you belong.

Richard and Christine Wyngaard
Chaplain and Grade 000 Teacher