Senior Prep Sport

May 18, 2020

Prep Community Runs 2,373km in Three Days

A virtual run/walk challenge was extended to the Prep community by Musikili Primary School in Zambia, to cover the considerable distance of 2,373 km on foot […]
Oct 30, 2018

Prep’s Sport Rises to New Levels

For the first time, Prep has a growing and up-and-coming Basketball team, match kit and a fixture list. The 1st Team travelled to Johannesburg last week […]
Jul 18, 2018

Old Preppie selected for 2018 U18 Coca-Cola Craven Week

Congratulations to Old Preppie (Lions, 2014) and St Andrew’s College’s star player Bame Malesu for being selected to play for the 2018 U18 Coca-Cola Craven Week […]
Feb 7, 2018

2018 Prep House Captains

Oct 17, 2017

Punching Above their Weight

Another first for St. Andrew’s Prep was clocked up this weekend when Grade 7 pupil Oliver McKay made Prep history by being the first Preppie to […]
Jun 20, 2017

Fast-Paced Games and Soaring Scores

St Andrew’s Prep enjoyed a highly successful K-Day weekend, playing strongly and skillfully against worthy Kingswood opponents. Results of all the matches will be in the […]
May 23, 2017

EP Squash Player Selection

Prep congratulates Grade 7 pupils Murray Stretton and Mark Ter Morhuizen, who have both been selected for the Eastern Province ‘B’ squash side. They will be […]
May 10, 2017

Preppie Off to Malta!

A highly talented upcoming sportsman, Grade 7 St Andrew’s Prep pupil Daniel Letherby, attended a session at one of the Sunderland affiliated football academies during the […]
Mar 21, 2017

Top Swimmer!

Grade 7 pupil Scott Ritchie represented St Andrew’s Prep in the Top 8 Invitational gala in PE on Saturday. He placed second in the 50m backstroke […]
Jan 31, 2017

Bushman’s River Mile

The weather was calm and the sea cool at Bushman’s River as pupils from St Andrew’s College, DSG and St Andrew’s Preparatory School participated in the […]
Jul 8, 2016

Prep’s Eastern Province Tennis Success

Scott Cuthbert (Grade 10, St Andrew’s College, Old Preppie 2013) and Dylan Marx (Grade 7 St Andrew’s Prep) were both selected to play for the Eastern […]
Jun 17, 2016

Old Preppies Selected to Represent EP Rugby at Craven Week and Academy Week

Congratulations to our Old Preppies who will represent the Eastern Province Rugby teams at the Craven Week and Academy Week.
Mar 2, 2016

Moving to the Fast Lane

Competing in inter-house galas and bettering their individual times, sixteen St Andrew’s Prep swimmers have been selected to join the Albany Swimming Team. Early this month, […]
Feb 16, 2016

Moving to a Bigger Pool

St Andrew’s Prep Grade 5 pupil, Mark Ter Morshuizen has achieved impressive qualifying times in the pool and has been selected to swim in the Level […]
Nov 3, 2015

More Medals for Prep Swimmer

Grade 7 pupil, Martin Wolmarans, participated in the Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics Open Water Swimming Championship held at Settlers Dam on Sunday, swimming in the grueling […]
Oct 8, 2015

Record Breakers

Junior Prep held their Sports Day on Friday last week and saw a number of records broken in various disciplines. Liso Mdlankomo competed in the U7 […]