Outdoor Education

Each year our Junior Preppies are taken on Outdoor Education excursions to one of the many beautiful spots in the Eastern Cape. Our Grade 1s are introduced to the great outdoors gently with a morning away from school. In Grade 2, the children spend a whole day away and in Grade 3 they spend one night away at the beginning of the year and two nights away in the third term. During this time, our boys and girls in Grade 1 and 2 discover places and learn more about their environment. The Grade 3s on the other hand, have opportunity to discover their inner strengths and navigate team building exercises while they enjoy and appreciate the wide open spaces.
From the white sand and surf of Kenton to the wide open spaces and wildlife of our nearby game reserves, our boys and girls are taken to safe and fun environments where their learning is extended beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3