The Foundation phase is called that for a very good reason. Strong foundations for successful learning are laid here.

At Prep’s JP, we focus not only on ensuring our children have the firmest of foundations, but are also exposed to the essential 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication.


We follow a systematic and thorough sequence in the daily teaching of Math. Children participate in numerous activities to manipulate numbers and to increase their mental maths ability. We work from the concrete with apparatus before expecting children to function in the abstract. In this way, we consolidate fundamental concepts and equip children to think logically, using the four basic maths strategies to explain and find solutions for a variety of number problems and challenges. As every child is unique, we work in ability groups to cater for different levels of understanding, always mindful of cultivating confidence and a curiosity in children to work with digits.


Prep offers two additional languages at Foundation Phase: isiXhosa and Afrikaans.

Art, Design and Technology, Pottery

Our child friendly, state-of-the-art Centre for Creative Learning enables our children to think outside the box and explore beyond the borders of their world and into the wider world and beyond.

Visual Art is part of formal instruction at Junior Prep. In each lesson, the children cover a multitude of visual art skills and draw out the talents that lie within. Prep’s Centre for Creative Learning boasts a large, spacious area for a wide variety of art forms and design projects. The Centre also houses a pottery studio, complete with a wheel and kiln for beautifully glazed ceramic work.
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Children today are growing up in an environment where being IT savvy is not just an asset but a necessity. Bearing this in mind, the Junior Prep’s IT integration into the classroom adds tremendous value to our children’s’ IT, computer-literacy and thinking skills which they need to cope with an ever changing world.

Our IT curriculum is designed for Foundation Phase pupils and is ideal for extension programmes. This helps in the development of problem-solving, programming and design skills and even also improves writing, math, reading and other subjects.

Outdoor Ed

From the white sand and surf of Kenton to the wide-open spaces and wildlife of our nearby game reserves, our boys and girls are immersed in environments where their learning is extended beyond the boundaries of the classroom.