At St Andrew’s Junior Prep, understanding that these are the most important years in preparing boys and girls with a strong foundation to education and for a world that demands teamwork and a willingness to keep on learning, we focus on a holistic approach to education.
We understand how different girls and boys are, and hence our unique educational model that we share with Diocesan School for Girls and St Andrew’s College. Classes at St Andrew’s Junior Preparatory are co-educational. From Grade 4, girls move to the Diocesan School for Girls and boys remain at St Andrew’s Preparatory where they will be taught differently, according to the varying needs of pre-pubescent boys and girls.

Our school enjoys a favourable pupil-to-teacher ratio in a nurturing environment, allowing pupils opportunity for personal attention to develop individuals abilities. Junior Prep has a vibrant learning environment with a strong sense of belonging. We have a broad, varied and exciting curriculum that offers many opportunities for children to explore their talents and develop their skills in numerous areas.
Our child friendly, state-of-the-art, Media Centre, Library and Computer Lab help our pupils to see beyond the borders of their protected secure world and into the wider world and beyond.
Taking them into that world, we introduce them to two secondary languages: isiXhosa and Afrikaans.
Learning activities are productive, context-based and fun, enriched with IT lessons, amazing music programmes, visual arts and exciting Junior Prep drama productions.


Music is a creative language of its own. At Junior Prep each child learns to play two instruments from Grade 1, which incorporates both wind and percussion: The Recorder and the Marimbas. Tuition is also available for other instruments and pupils have the opportunity to join the Prep and DSG orchestras for concerts.


Our Children of today are growing up in an environment where knowledge of computers is not just an asset but a necessity. Children should therefore be exposed to computers at a very early age. Bearing this in mind, the...more

Firing up Creativity - Art

“The urge to draw must be quite deep within us, because children love to do it.” - David Hockney
Creativity, imagination, colour, form, line and so many other terms are bandied about in Prep’s Art room space during Art and...more

Phys Ed

The multi faceted Phys Ed programme at Junior Prep has been bumped up and the children enjoy classes twice a week, strengthening core muscles and fine motor skills. Fitness, coupled with Neuronet and Mind Moves, the exercises the Preppies...more

Educational Outings

In the midst of a fascinating theme or subject, sometimes comes an educational outing. Children pile onto buses to visit the local Botanical Gardens, the Museum, or a touch farm on the outskirts of town....more

Junior Prep Production

Every year during the third term, the Junior Preppies enter a land of musical and theatrical wonder as they sing, dance and act in our end of year production. Traditionally the Grade 3 children take the lead roles and the Grade 1s and 2s participate in supporting roles, singing and dancing. Beautiful costumes and stage make-up adorn the children as they take to the spotlight with flair and confidence. Although we always produce a good show, a slick performance is not all that matters. As with so many other things, it is often the process and the lessons learned that are more valuable.