the wonder of learning!

In St Andrew’s Pre-Primary garden, splendid old trees provide a backdrop to the climbing and balancing apparatus so important for young children’s holistic development. Girls and boys aged 3 to 6 years (Grade 000 – Grade R) feel secure and contented as they build in the sand-pit, play with water, and create their own adventures amongst the trees.

The well qualified staff are early childhood specialists who understand the needs of young children, and classrooms are designed around the developmental needs of young children. From the bright, colourful children’s art displayed on the walls, to the games and toys which are organized to encourage problem solving and independence, every facet of this environment is child-friendly. We stimulate the inherent desire to learn and to grow with staff who have the same passion for learning.

A few steps away, the Grade R classroom ensures that 5 and 6 year olds are well prepared for the formal learning environment of Grade 1. For part of each day the Grade R’s have the opportunity to engage in active learning experiences in the beautiful garden and indoor areas with the younger children.

Latest News

Jun 20, 2017
Pre-Primary Grandparents' Day Concert

Pre-Primary Grandparents' Day Concert

Our Pre-Primary children put on a special show in a packed hall at Fairlawn this week for Grandparents' and Special Friends. With such earnestness as only the very young exude, they played their instruments, sang, danced and even recited a... more

A Day in the Life


Confident, happy children are curious about many things and able to cope with challenges on many levels! We offer a holistic curriculum which aims to develop children physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, by providing interesting, stimulating activities. Young children...more

Expanding horizons

Parents these days are busier than ever before, and need to know that their children are secure and have everything offered to them to ensure their full potential is reached. Within the safe, happy environment, extra-curricular activities are offered,...more

After Care

For busy families, Prep offers a safe and wonderfully fun environment for pupils who need to be supervised from 13h00 to 17h00 Monday to Thursday at an additional cost. Lunch is available and your children are taken care of by an experienced and wonderfully personable staff. Children play in the wonderful Pre-Primary playground or enjoy some quiet time watching a DVD.