The boarders at Prep have a strong sense of belonging and identity that reaches far beyond their schooling years. Tolerance, responsibility, duty and consideration for others are the corner stones of our value system.

The Grade 4s who have joined Senior Prep are housed in Cubs dormitory to allow them to settle in to senior primary school at their own pace.
Boys in Grades 5 and 6 are housed in Griffin dormitory and have their own common room and the Grade 7s are housed in Robert House with their own common room and skype booth.

St Andrew’s Prep Housemasters, matrons and stooges are concerned with the individuality, safety and happiness of each child.
Because we believe strongly in close-knit families, parents have full access to their children and can visit them regularly. Siblings may visit each other on between Prep, DSG and St Andrew’s College and birthdays are made a big fuss of.

Every morning children in the San are visited by the school doctor. Appointments off the school grounds are organised by the Matron, who is their “mom away from home”.