At St Andrew’s Prep, we combine the pursuit of excellence with a focus on preparing boys for a world that demands teamwork, a willingness to keep on learning throughout life and take the lead.
Senior Prep classes have a favourable pupil-to-teacher ratio, affording our boys highly-skilled, personal attention focused on nurturing individual abilities.

Our state-of-the-art multi media centre, physical education and community service activities help our pupils to see beyond the borders of their immediate environment into the wider world beyond.

St Andrew’s Prep offers isiXhosa and Afrikaans to children both as first and second language levels. Pupils entering Grade 7 from abroad may choose French as an option to Afrikaans. Grade 7 pupils are given a formal course in Entrepreneurship as well as training in leadership skills.
Learning activities are productive, context-based and fun, enriched with IT lessons, music, visual arts and drama.

Academically talented boys in Grade 7 are prepared for and write the St Andrew’s College scholarship examinations, winning on average two scholarships per year. External examinations such as Olympiads are written to ensure that the academic level remains of a high standard.

Art: Colouring our world

Art stimulates the imagination and develops critical thinking. It has a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of every child and has proven to help level the learning playing field across socio-economic boundaries. Exploring art strengthens problem-solving skills, develops...more

Music and Choir

The Music and Drama Block (Parnell) has several practice rooms and a tiered singing/audio visual room. All learners receive instruction during class music and all are encouraged to experiment with any musical instrument of their choice. Apart...more

Design and Technology

Prep recently opened its Centre for Creative Learning. Makerspace, Visual Art, Robotics, Coding programmes, Design and Technology, critical thinking and Science are just some of the exciting subjects for which the Centre provides new angles of exploration. Our Grade 7s...more

Information Technology

Having a sound understanding of information technology is essential. At Prep we begin early, sharing iPad lessons with our Grade Rs. Many aspects of IT are integrated into class work and pupils are able to sit their MOS exams...more

Pastoral Care and Spirituality

Children can only thrive if they feel valued and secure. Pastoral care means every child is visible and valuable to us. Spirituality, service and life skills are integral to life at St Andrew’s Prep. The Prep Chaplain provides guidance,...more

Grade 7 production

Each year, the Grade 7s stage a much anticipated production, taking on complicated roles and learning many lines and songs. The Grade 6s manipulate the sound and lighting and so increase their stage management skills as well.  The Grade 7s of 2016 staged the popular musical "Grease" which was thoroughly enjoyed.

Community Engagement

Both Junior and Senior Prep are actively involved in community outreach programmes. Students, staff, parents and friends team up in a dynamic partnership to make the world around them a better place. Children are encouraged to participate when fundraising...more