Headboy and Deputies, 2017

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Oct 17, 2017
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Headboy and Deputies, 2017

Prep’s Headboy and Deputies have been announced this week.  Replacing the Senior Eight system, the boys and staff have chosen as Headboy, Lamlani Yawa, and Scott Ritchie and Daniel Letherby as Deputies.

The Senior Prep boys agree that the system recently implemented is worth far more than the selection of a select group to responsibility and have themselves offered suggestions for improvement which include:

  • Rotation of chairmanship
  • Allowing for the resignation of chairs
  • Rotation of boys through committees to offer exposure to other areas of service
  • Developing a “council of chairs” which rotates with chairmanship
  • Careful selection of staff to oversee the committees

Importantly, the boys were of the strong opinion that the Senior Eight as it has been no longer has a place at Prep. We have thus agreed with the boys that this year there will be no Senior Eight. The boys did feel that the positions of head boy and deputy head boy should be retained. Elections have, as a result, been limited to the positions of head boy and deputy head boy.

Elections were held on the Wednesday after half term. The top five candidates plus any other boy who wanted to apply were asked to put in an application for head boy. The application consisted of a 250-word paragraph in which the boys were asked to outline their leadership strengths, their vision as a leader and how they intended to make a meaningful difference to the lives of ALL the children at Prep.

Seven boys applied and were interviewed by Mr Paul, Mr Wienekus, Mr Cameron and myself.

Through this process, we have selected a head boy and two deputies to serve in these positions for the remainder of the year. The three boys will be expected to:

  • Meet with their committee chairs for the remainder of the year
  • Meet weekly with Mr Paul and I to discuss school issues
  • Take an assembly
  • Perform the ceremonial duties at the various end-of-year functions
  • Act as ambassadors for Prep at the various public functions between now and the end of the year.

We have learnt much through this process, as have the boys and we are delighted that they have such a strong desire to retain the committee structure and develop a more democratic, service oriented system of leadership at Prep.