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Nov 13, 2017
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Feb 7, 2018
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Apt Naming of the Centre for Creative Learning

Today we `raised our caps’ in honour of a stalwart Old Preppie and someone who has been a part of the school – first as a schoolboy, then as a stooge, Housemaster and now Archivist – since 1942. Lorraine Mullins has served Prep and its Preppies for decades and continues to be very much a part of the school as he sorts through our precious memories in the archives.

 A wealth of knowledge, commitment and creativity stands behind the official naming of the CCL: the Lorraine Mullins Centre for Creative Learning. Prep is deeply indebted to Mr Mullins for his dedication and generous spirit in giving of his time and talents to serve the school. The story of Prep, “I’ll Sing You One-Oh!”, written by Lorraine, is a detailed and fascinating account of the life and times, joys and sorrows of the school and its family over the years and his beautiful watercolor paintings grace our walls. Often, when staff members leave Prep after many years of service, their gift of choice is a Lorraine Mullins painting of Prep. As staff and pupils, we would like to honour and thank Lorraine – for everything!