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Aug 5, 2019
Pressing In, Pressing On
Sep 12, 2019
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Prep’s Improved Spaces!

Prep has had a number of improvements since the Term 2 holidays began and is looking splendid for it!
The brick pathway outside Robert House was re-laid and some stone steps leading up to the Grade 7 classrooms were added.
The Grade R classroom has been opened up and flooded with natural light with the addition of some large glass sliding doors. Watch this space! This has also given us a lovely piece of garden to landscape for the Grade Rs as well, which we are very pleased about!
The Junior Prep Assembly room has some beautiful new cupboards and the piano sports a new cover.
An electrical cable has been laid to Griffin House to support the added load demanded by classroom and laundry upgrades which also allowed the much-loved Hasie Court paving to be tidied up.
And, with the water crisis weighing heavily on everyone’s minds, more rainwater tanks have been connected to the down-pipes from the roof of Robert House and the new Grade 7 veranda to provide further emergency water and water for the gardens. A huge thank you to Mr Johnson and our maintenance team for all the hard work!