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Sep 15, 2022
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Sep 28, 2022
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Old Prep Supper 2022

Old Prep Supper. The day on the school calendar that everyone looks forward to.
It’s an evening of fun and laughter, of good food and friends made on the journey through school life. Hard-won achievements, deep bonds made out of facing ourselves together.
This year, our 2022 Matrics who were with us at Prep joined us in Memory Hall for a `Friends’ evening.
48 Matrics from St Andrew’s College and The Diocesan School for Girls gathered on the Hasie Court to the sound of the well-known Prep Marimba Band.
Several of the Matrics, who were part of the Marimba Band in 2017, tried their hand at playing their part in the various pieces played – and didn’t skip a beat!
Old Preppie Callum Southey piped everyone into Memory Hall for a wonderful evening and the Prep Song, “I’ll Sing You One-Oh!” was sung with gusto in memory of Mr Lorraine Mullins, ably led by Mr Marc Paul.
Afterward, everyone crowded into Griffin dorm for the Monkey Dorm Races – not for the faint hearted! Three lanes, four different categories and a race against time. From our youngest Preppies in Grade 1 to the Matrics and stooges, the race involved everyone, while the onlookers – piled on top of beds and cupboards and lining the lanes – screamed their support.