Applying To

St Andrew's Prep

Nine months. The time it took to grow your child in the womb and the time we spend nurturing their minds and hearts each year. As a St Andrew’s Preppie, your child will fill those crucial minutes and months doing science, reading books and music and learning three different languages. You’ll find them batting on the cricket field and starring in the play and making friends for life. You’ll notice them expanding their minds, opening their hearts and filling their souls. You’ll see them discovering that the world is a vastly larger space than they dreamed and that they can influence so much of it just by being thoughtfully themselves. So why choose St Andrew’s Preparatory for your child? Thriving since 1885, St Andrew’s Prep is committed to the careful nurturing of each child’s intellectual growth, creative expression, sporting accomplishments and ethical development. We cultivate children from Grade 000 to Grade 7 in a caring, Christian environment, so that each child can develop to his or her full potential. Applying to Prep is easy. No admission fee is charged. We are open for individual campus tours during term time.  Downloadable forms or online admissions are acceptable. We recommend that you return the form as soon as possible: Please ensure all required documentation accompanies your application form. Please note that submission of an application form does not guarantee a place will be offered at St Andrew’s Prep.