Where Learning & Fun Are One

When your child begins to explore the world in their formative learning years, they need to be in an environment where the sky is the limit and where people believe in them, value them and give them the tools to reach their full potential.

Children are treasure-troves of possibilities that surprise and delight us. Their wide-eyed eagerness needs to be met, in turn, with a love of learning and a zest for life in those who will help them open up doors available to them.

Prep is a place where current research about how children learn, develop, and thrive informs all that we do. We dare our children to achieve more than they dreamed possible. Our teaching staff combine their passion for learning and growing children to help our Preppies flourish.

Through 138 years, St Andrew’s Prep has offered rigorous education grounded in shared values of integrity, humility, compassion and service.

Our education is multi-faceted in keeping with the ever-changing needs of children in today’s world. They include:

  • An comprehensive academic curriculum of the highest standard
  • Outstanding programmes in sports, music and the arts
  • A wide variety of extra mural activities
  • A commitment to community engagement, which encourages personal involvement.