Mar 9, 2022

Junior Prep Fun Gala

After a delayed start due to chilly, wet weather on Friday last week, our Junior Preppies hit the Prep pool with renewed vigour yesterday. After the […]
Mar 9, 2022

A Virtually Real Journey through Space

Our Preppies had an awe-inspiring experience last week, seeing the planets, stars and the wondrous galaxies through 3D virtual headsets care of Virtual Reality Education.
Mar 9, 2022

Victor Ludorum Winners!

After some stiff competition, much noisy cheering and many heats in the pool at the hotly contested Inter-House Gala on Friday, we congratulate St Andrew’s Prep’s […]
Mar 9, 2022

Basketball Fever!

St Andrew’s Prep’s basketball tour to Johannesburg was a fantastic half-term event for our U13As and our Preppies fared very well against their opponents from St […]
Feb 2, 2022

Happy 137th Birthday, Prep!

It was a blue and white kind of a day today at St Andrew’s Prep, as we celebrated 137 years of educating children! What began as […]
Jan 26, 2022

Braving the Bushman’s River Mile

The weekend temperatures inland soared to the high 30s, but the temperatures at the sea were vastly different. On Sunday morning, 18 Senior Prep boys decided […]
Jan 21, 2022

Fudge-Making Competition!

Armed with well-used 3-legged pots and armloads of ingredients, our Junior Prep boarders and Senior Preppies set off for the Monastery for an epic hike, fudge-making […]
Jan 21, 2022

Grade 7 Hike

Each year, our Grade 7s take a long and beautiful hike from Kasouga to Kenton-on-Sea along a most scenic and fascinating stretch of shoreline. Apart from […]
Jan 21, 2022

Welcome 2022!

The quiet campus halls are ringing with bells, children’s’ voices, running feet, laughter and bags being wheeled in and out. It’s great to be starting the […]
Oct 27, 2021

Prep Rowing Sees a Historical Increase

The Prep rowing programme has started off with a major bang! With 23 boys signing up, this year boasts the largest rowing group in our history! […]
Oct 20, 2021

Prep Supports Bandana Day!

Our Prep families supported DKMS (formerly known as the Sunflower Fund) today as we handed out hundreds of Topes (tubes of hope) to our children to […]
Sep 21, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Mrs Lowe!

Debbie Lowe has been part of the Prep family as our Academic Support Teacher for 23 years. Stories of pupils she has nurtured through their crucial […]
Sep 21, 2021

Record Breakers!

To break a record – particularly one that has been long-standing – is no mean feat, but deep into our second year of Covid constraints and […]
Aug 4, 2021

A Weekend in the Life of a Prep Boarder!

Our Prep boarders enjoy an extraordinary programme that is jam-packed full of exciting things to do over the weekends. Sport takes priority and is always well-supported. […]
Aug 4, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Mrs Sparrow

Mrs Morgan Sparrow is one of those people you feel has always been around – and she certainly has been a part of both Junior and […]
Aug 3, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Our Grade 00 Teacher

Mrs Cathy Brown joined us a couple of years ago as our Grade 00 Teacher. She was born in Johannesburg and spent all of her happy […]
Jul 29, 2021

100 Days In Class!

On Friday last week, we celebrated 100 days of being at school, on campus, in class. We have been counting up to this super special day […]
Jul 29, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Our Grade 2.2 Teacher!

Kirsten Porter, our Grade 2.2 Teacher is also an Eastern Cape girl. Here is part of a conversation we had: Q: Where were you born and […]
Jul 29, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Grade R Teacher!

Our Grade R.2 Teacher, Megan Yendall was born in our very own Settler’s Hospital here in Makhanda, and grew up in and near Grahamstown, so she […]
Jul 21, 2021

Preppies Learning Online

Online learning for our Preppies is, thankfully, not a new concept, as it was last year. Amazingly, the material needed to progress fairly seamlessly from in-person […]
Jul 21, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Our Fairlawn House-Mother!

Fairlawn is a happy place and our House-Mother, Victoria Wilson has taken our Fairlawn Prep boarders under her wing, listening to stories of their days, patching […]
Jul 14, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – The Wonderful Wyngaards!

Q: Where were you born and where did you grow up, Rich and Christine? R: My early years were spent in the Eastern Cape and in […]
Jul 14, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Mrs Blaine

Q: Where were you born and where did you grow up? Give us a bit of information on your school and work history: I was born […]
Jun 16, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Mrs Van, HOD Music

This week, we move over to the Music Department, to Mrs Fiona van der Merwe. Her inspiration with the boys, particularly in Choir, but also in […]
Jun 16, 2021

Bo’s Marvellous Artworks

One of our Grade 7 Prep pupils used the Covid lockdown time to create some impressive artworks and his own comic characters which he would like […]
Jun 16, 2021

Prep’s Tag Rugby

In spite of contact sport being banned, we figured out a way to play rugby without the contact: tag rugby. No tackles are made, nor scrums, […]
Jun 9, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Mrs Fowlds, Grade 3 Teacher

Meet our Grade 3 Teacher: Mrs Heidi Fowlds, who joined us in a chat about herself and her family: Q: Where were you born and where […]
Jun 9, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Ms Lynn Cordell, Grade 5 Teacher

Ms Cordell was born and grew up in Johannesburg and went to St Mary’s, Waverley. She studied Fine Art at Pietermaritzburg University. After getting involved in a […]
Jun 2, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – The Legendary Mrs Sharon Lister

Mrs Sharon Lister was born in Port Elizabeth, but grew up in the small farming town of Alexandria. She attended Alexandria High School from Sub A to […]
May 27, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Grade 2 Teacher, Sam Amm

I was born and raised in the beautiful farming area of the Letsitele Valley in Tzaneen, Limpopo. With family from Addo, the Eastern Cape has always […]
May 27, 2021

Part of the Prep Team – Grade 6 Teacher

Prep’s Grade 6 teacher, Mr Warren van Vuuren, has been part of the Prep family since 2014 as a Grade 6 teacher. Here is a little […]
May 27, 2021

Sending Love to the Home of Joy

Over the past few weeks, our Prep parents, children and staff have joined forces to gather much-needed items for the local Home of Joy, an orphanage […]