True Blue Preppies

At the end of Grade 3, the boys move to what is known as ‘Top Prep”, and the girls transfer to the Diocesan School for Girls.

Top Prep offers a broad and innovative curriculum which caters for the individual needs of boys of different aptitudes, yet is ever-mindful of the need of independence and self-motivation. A balance between sporting activities, music, arts and cultural pursuits gives our boys the space to discover who they are.

Preppies are trusted and treated as honourable young men. In all they do, the boys learn to display strong character, behave with good manners, make solid decisions and act with integrity. They learn the value of public service and to contribute to the world around them in a positive way. They learn to win with grace and lose with honour. They learn how to be a friend. They learn how to be a True Blue Preppie.