Prep has developed a rigorous academic curriculum in pursuit of the Anglican academic tenets of Wisdom and Knowledge and Creativity and
Critical Thinking. Our core curriculum, which focuses on the basic foundations of Maths, Science and Language, both extends and meets each child’s specific needs, making their academic experience a truly significant and rewarding journey.
Creativity and Critical Thinking are given free rein in the Lorraine Mullins Centre for Creative Learning.

At Prep, the boys are not compared with each other. Each child competes against himself to try to better his own best each time he learns something new. This creates an exciting environment where the Preppies learn to celebrate each other and to celebrate themselves.

The Senior Preppies have a choice of three First Additional languages: IsiXhosa, Afrikaans and French (for Grade 7 over border pupils).



Information Technology

Having a sound understanding of information technology is essential. Many aspects of IT are integrated into class work. The Preppies use Chromebooks for several lessons and projects.


Design & Technology

Makerspace, Visual Art, robotics, coding programmes, Design and Technology, critical thinking and Science are explored in our IT Lab and the CCL. Our Grade 7s are privileged to develop their design interests in the St Andrew’s College Design and Technology Centre – a facility widely recognised as one of the finest in the Southern Hemisphere. Activities in both of these spaces focus on cross-curricular work and creative thinking, with the process of problem-solving often being critical.

In this stimulating environment, Preppies respond with resourcefulness, enthusiasm and ingenuity. Projects begin with mind-boggling balance tricks using only paper and sticky tape to hold up heavy objects, and extend to projects as complicated as the piecing together of vehicle engines and designing and programming drones.


Music is a way of life at St Andrew's Prep. From our youngest Pre-Primary children to our Grade 7s, music is a vital part of who we are and what we do. The Prep Choir and Marimba Band are both full and vibrant, with our Marimba Band winning the International Marimba and Steel Pan Festivals three years in a row. Your child may learn any instrument he chooses at Prep. Our close relationship to the DSG DR Wynne School of Music allows access to a wide variety of instruments and music teachers. During class music, we explore music theory, various instruments, rhythms techniques, opening up new worlds and cultures. Music is part of our drama lessons as well, as our Grade 7 production each year is a musical adventure.


At Top Prep, all our boys are viewed as emerging artists. Art stimulates the imagination and develops critical thinking. Exploring art strengthens problem-solving skills, develops a sense of craftsmanship and articulates individuality. The Lorraine Mullins Centre for Creative Learning (CCL) with associated pottery studio, where our boys explore their creative side is an architecturally award-winning building.



Children can only thrive if they feel valued and secure. Pastoral care means every child is visible and valuable to us. Spirituality, service and life skills are integral to life at St Andrew’s Prep. The Prep Chaplain provides guidance, support and wisdom through the teachings of Christ. Family Service, which takes place twice per term, provides a space for boys to worship with their parents under the guidance of the school Chaplain. Easter Cantata and Christmas carol services are integral parts of the annual life of Prep.

Grade 7 Production

Each year, the Grade 7s stage a much-anticipated production, taking on complicated roles and learning many lines and songs. The Grade 6s are responsible for the sound and lighting, manage front of house, support backstage, all of which gives them the opportunity to develop their understanding of theatre craft.