Outdoor Education

Excellent academic results are only one part of the story. Grahamstown is surrounded by fascinating places such as the fossil rich Karoo, the beautiful forested mountains of Hogsback and Katberg, world-class game reserves and the unspoilt beaches and coastal forests of the Eastern Cape. The Outdoor Ed programme at Prep takes advantage of all the natural beauty of the Eastern Cape.

From the very beginnings of Grade 1 Outdoor Ed programmes support and supplement the academic experience. Beginning with a one-night sleepover in Grade 1, the programme culminates in the week-long AmaKhala Experience in Grade 7 where the boys experience five separate camps in the AmaKhala Game Reserve and are exposed to learning about the world around them. Maths, languages and Natural Science take on new meaning when applied to elephant, rhino, dung beetles and aloes.

Community Engagement

St. Andrew’s Prep is committed to establishing a community that encourages people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs to understand and respect one another and to be sensitive to differences. In its programs, the School seeks to promote a balance of leadership, cooperation, and service, together with a deeper awareness of the global community and the natural world. Each member of our tight-knit community has special talents and gifts that help fulfill the mission of the School.

Children, staff, parents and friends team up in a dynamic partnership to make the world around them a better place.

Each year, our children reach out to the communities around them, fundraising for vital organisations such as Island Hospice, the SPCA and Cancer Research. We are also very productive during Mandela Day with organised litter clean ups, blanket drives and Youth Day celebrations.

Children are encouraged to offer their time and talents freely to serve others in need. They are taught that it is in giving that we receive.

Grade 7: The Bridge to College

The move from junior to senior school can be daunting. At Prep, great care is taken to reduce the element of the unknown from this transition and to make it an exciting one. No single feeder school sends more boys to St Andrew’s College and thus, as a group, Preppies already have established friendships, making it easier to cope with the demands of their new High School.

All Grade 7 boys are taught communication, problem solving, entrepreneurial and leadership skills. There is strong academic alignment through the Middle School between St Andrew’s College and Prep, with Grade 7s being prepared for their entry into College.