Music is a creative language of its own. At St Andrew's Prep, each child learns to play two instruments from Grade 1, which incorporates both wind and percussion: the Recorder and the Marimbas. Tuition is also available for other instruments and pupils have the opportunity to join the Prep and DSG orchestras for concerts. At Senior Prep, the boys may take up any instrument they choose. We have a large guitar group, a touring Marimba Band and an up-and-coming bagpipe band. Many of our boys play violin, cello, flute, saxophone and trumpet and of course, the various types of drums are popular instrument choices.

Music forms an integral part of Prep. From Grade 1, we nurture the love of music, the familiarity of rhythm and the joy of singing. Children are naturally proud of their abilities - and believe they can do anything! So from a young age, they are introduced to two compulsory instruments: the marimbas and the recorder. These two instruments lay the foundation of sight reading of music, of percussion and of notes. Children may then venture further afield to a variety of other instruments.