Sport offers a unique learning experience, teaching children to persevere, to lead, to follow, to work within a team and to achieve their own personal best. It also teaches them to handle failure and disappointment.
The pleasure and discipline of sport forms an important part of Prep’s education programme, with the emphasis on participation and the value of sport as a life-long activity.
St Andrews College, Prep and the DSG share campuses and facilities, creating a unique and open range of scope and experience available to boys.
High calibre coaching ensures a strong degree of competitiveness in terms of Inter-school fixtures.  At Prep, children learn that hard work yields rewards and that being part of a sporting team enriches their lives. They face challenges, overcome obstacles, manage the disappointment of defeat
and share the exhilaration of victory.  From the first tentative dip of a head underwater, to holes-in-one on the golf course, Preppies are exposed to as wide a variety of sport as one could wish for one’s child. Each year, many of our Senior Prep sportsmen are offered the opportunity to participate in sporting tours.